When it comes to the issue of parenting every parent tries to be the best.   Many parents are always in a dilemma whether they are giving their children a conducive environment to grow.   In many situations, the parents fail to remain the best they would want to be to their children.   There are no particular strategies that exist for parenting in fact parenting is the interaction that exist between parents and their kids.  This relationship is very personal and what works between few parents and children may not work for other parents and children.   For you to become the best in raising your kids you should have some key things in your minds.   Children learn a lot through copying from those around as compared to following certain tips.  Expressing love and affection is the most excellent way to be a good parent.   Many parents will claim of loving their kids but their children in return will cry of not feeling the love and affection of their parents.   Love and affection should be put into practice for it to be valuable.   Parents should put efforts for their kids to feel the warmth of their affection.   Expressions like an embrace giving them gifts and by highlighting the good works of the children is a good way of accomplishing this goal. 

Encouragement and appreciation could also increase children's confidence and make them feel that parents love them.  Never criticize your children in a destructive way and whenever you talk to them always put on a smile.   Give your kids the respect they deserve and see them as important beings.   Although your help to kids is vital train them to be independent by let them know they can do things without your hand.  Get Proud Mummy mommy tips here!

Children need parental care and concern, never let them feel avoided or undesirable.   Children desire your love and care never deny it to them.    Children like talking, always give them an attentive ear.   Do not block chats with your kid, this is a good chance for them to open up to you about their feelings. 

 Favoring one child more than the others is a thing that parents should avoid.   If you have multiple children do not show favor toward an individual, let them feel that they are all loved.   Do not compare any of your child with any other and do not use one child as the example for the others to follow. Check out for more info about parenting.

 Good parents should be rigid on their parenting guidelines.   Whenever you require a certain rule to be followed ensure that there no negotiations when one fails to follow it. Check this website at for more info!